The Quarter Gill Club

A whisky subscription club with a difference!

Membership Benefits

Participate in whisky tastings and events exclusive to Quarter Gill Club members.
Read, listen to and watch unbiased content created exclusively as part of your whisky club subscription.
Take part in informative and entertaining events - either in person or with your whisky tasting set via Zoom.
Expand your knowledge of whisk(e)y and spirits through interaction and discussion.
Connect with like minded others and build life long friendships at the friendliest whisky club in the UK!
Be part of a community uninterrupted by advertising and self promotion.
Enjoy early access to Quarter Gill Club limited release bottlings.
Enjoy discounts at the Quarter Gill Club's partner retailers.
Save time: quality content and discussion all in the one place.

Membership Plans

£3 / month
£6 / month
£9 / month
Founder Member
£80 / year
* after a qualifying period of 6 continuous monthly payments
** tastings, events, bottlings etc are not included in the monthly subscription fee and come at an additional cost - please note that some tastings are not eligible for the 'free tastings' offer (check out the FAQs)
*** discount can be applied for a maximum of 2 places per tasting

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'content'?
Unbiased podcasts, videos or magazine style articles - all created exclusively for the Quarter Gill Club - focusing on a monthly theme, featuring both industry and non-industry professionals.
How often do tastings take place?
Each tasting takes place once a month in Edinburgh and you can join either in person or via Zoom. Whisky tasting sets will be sent out to you if joining online (UK delivery only at the moment). And if you can't make it on the night, you can watch a recorded version of the tasting later at your leisure.
How do I book my free place(s) on a tasting?
After you sign up (and qualify), we'll email you a unique code to redeem against the tasting(s) of your choice. We'll send you a confirmation email and that's it; your place will be reserved! There will be one or two tastings which will be exempt from this offer (e.g lost distilleries). This will be very much the exception rather than the rule and will be made clear when these events are scheduled.
What are the 'bonus events'?
The club is still in its early stages and so we're open to suggestions! For the time being though, we're looking at organising private distillery tours, exclusive tastings with brand ambassadors and bespoke whisky dinners.
Can I bring a guest to tastings and events?
Yes! There is a limit to one guest per tasting/event when purchasing tickets. This is so as many paying QGC members as possible have access to tickets. If you'd like to bring more than one guest, just get in touch and we'll try our best to accommodate them.
Is this a Scotch whisky club?
Most of the content and tastings will focus on Scotch whisky. However, now and again, we'll explore whisky and whiskey from other countries. And to mix things up a bit, we'll occasionally delve into other realms such as rum, cognac, armagnac, tequila and mezcal.
What on earth is a 'quarter gill'?
A gill (pronounced with a soft 'g') is a unit for measuring volume and is equal to a quarter of a pint. Therefore, a quarter gill (in metric terms) equates to 35.51633 ml. Scottish licensing laws today state that spirits must be sold either in 25ml or 35ml measures (or multiples thereof) - so we're embracing the latter!